Cougar Kendo


Welcome to the website of Cougar Kendo, a Houston Kendo and Iaido Dojo and University of Houston sports club.

Interested in Joining? Please contact us at and join us on Facebook.

Not a UH affiliate? Please join us at out our off campus location, The Houston Kenshikan.

Dojo Rules

1. Manners are first. Those who study Kendo must always have proper mind, arrange their clothing neatly, value discipline, and maintain proper etiquette.
2. Respect your dojomates. Respect your sensei and sempai and follow their teachings well. Also, care for your kohai and lead them well. Be a good example in everything you undertake.
3. Work hard. The dojo is a place for studying waza, polishing the mind, and training the body. Great effort brings great results; mediocre effort breeds mediocrity.

Practice Schedule

Due to covid, we do not plan to have practice on campus for the Fall 2020 semester. 

If you are interested in Kendo, please contact us or find us off campus at the Houston Kenshikan.

Check out this recent interview of us:

Upcoming Dates

2021 We hope to be back practicing on campus!