Wearing the Uniform


Tie a square knot for lower and upper himo. This will make the bows straight and horizontal.


Next, the hakama. There are two holes, so step into the hakama like you would for pants. Bring the front to navel height. Bring your front himo to the back, cross tightly. Then cross again in the front. Bring the himo back to your back and tie a knot and a bow.
Take the plastic piece and hook it into your himo.
Federation method: Tie a square knot that binds all himo in the front. Tie another square knot in front of this. Tuck the dangling himo under the the other himo and into your hakama.

Traditional method: Tie a square knot, bringing the top himo under all and tighten. Fold the lower himo evenly. Place the top himo below this and over. Loop until there is no himo dangling. Or fold remaning himo and loop over.

Fix the creases in the back. The bottom of your hakama should be at ankle height.


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