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Beginning of Class

Shomen ni Rei

After Sensei puts one knee down: "Chakuza"
. Make sure the Men are lined up evenly, people sit in seiza without making noise
"Seiza Mokuso"
"Sensei ni Rei": sensei gata ni rei when there are multiple sensei
"Otaga ni Rei" When Sensei stands up, signal to get up.

Putting on Men
"Men o tsuke": stand up after sensei stands or the highest senior stands
. Check bogu

End of Class
Make sure everyone lines up quickly, "Chakuza"
When Sensei takes his men off, "Men o tore": everyone should quickly take their men off
"Seiza Mokuso": 1 minute or more
"Otaga ni Rei"
"Sensei ni Rei"

Shomen ni Rei

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