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10th Anniversary Celebration

Cougar Kendo 10th Anniversary Goodwill Seminar and Taikai, March 16-18

Dear Friends and Family,

We would be honored if you could join us this March to celebrate 10 years of Cougar Kendo. Cougar Kendo was founded during the fall of 2008, and since then, we have been fortunate to have the guidance, support, and friendship from so many fellow Kenshi. This event is a tribute to everyone who has helped Cougar Kendo grow throughout the years, and leading our goodwill seminar and taikai is our guest of honor Shozo Kato Sensei, Kendo Hachidan Kyoshi and Iaido Nanadan Kyoshi. We look forward to a wonderful celebration with lots of Keiko!


The fee for this event is $65. This includes Saturday lunch Bento, Saturday banquet dinner, Sunday lunch Bento, and a special commemorative Tenugui with calligraphy brushed by Kato Sensei.


As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, it is part of Cougar Kendo's mission to offer Kendo in an affordable manner. Cougar Kendo has worked hard the past few years to raise funds, specifically, ensure a low fee for the participants of this event. If anyone would like to contribute above this fee, donations are always welcome.

Register here if you are not a member of SUSKIF.

Register here if you are a member of SUSKIF.
Register here to volunteer.

New Deadline: Thursday, March 1.

We will try to include everyone, however, participants who registered after the original 2/16 deadline might not be sorted on a team.


Friday, March 16
6-8PM Godo Keiko at University of Houston Recreation Center
Dinner @ Calhoun's

Saturday, March 17

8AM UH Rec Opens

9-10:30 Shinsa up to 4th Dan (SUSKIF members only)
10:30 Seminar: we will start as soon as Shinsa is over, so participants should arrive by 10.
12:15PM Lunch
1:15 Seminar
4:30-5:30 Godo Keiko
7:00 Banquet @ Treebeard's

Sunday, March 18

8AM UH Rec Opens

8:45 Shinpan and Volunteer Meetings

9 Opening Ceremony

9:15 Kyu Divsion

10:45 Dan Divsion
12PM Lunch
1-3 Dan Division
4:30-5:30 Godo Keiko (time permitting)
Dinner @ 1807 Maux

Goodwill Seminar & Taikai

The concept of this event is centered on building goodwill between Kenshi of different Dojos, and therefore requires full participation by each participant. Each participant will be sorted into teams. Teams will practice together during the seminar and compete together during the

The Taikai will be a team tournament and consist of 2 divisions: Kyu and Dan. Each team will have at least one Cougar Kendo member and the rest of the team will be a mixture of participants from other Dojos.

Important Information for the Taikai

Shinpan attire will be Kendo uniform, as many Shinpan will compete.

Please bring your Shinpanki.

All Dans will judge. The Kyu division will be judged by Shodan to Sandan, aided by Yondan and above. The Dan division will be judged by Yondan and above.

Hotel: Hilton UH

We have secured a block of rooms at the Hilton UH, which is located on campus and within very short walking distance of the UH Recreation Center. Please make sure to reserve a hotel room as soon as possible: hotels are filling up quickly due to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

Rate: $129/night

Call (866)-327-1161 or reserve online here.

Code: UHCK

Deadline: 3/1

Practice Locations

Please get dressed in the restrooms/locker rooms. Do not change on the practice floor.

For those who are arriving early or staying late: The Houston Kenshikan
Address: 9902 Long Point Road, 77055
Notes: The driveway entrance is on Long Point, next to Comprehensive Health Center. Google Maps may tell you to turn onto Butlercrest, that is incorrect.
Please use the side entrance, located next to the large tree, to enter the Dojo.

Saturday, March 17 & 18: University of Houston Recreation Center
Address: 4500 University Drive, 77004
Directions: Exit TX-5 Spur 5 from 45, turn right onto University Drive, the Rec will be on the left.
Parking: Parking is available in the parking lot directly across from the Recreation Center.
Notes: This facility tends to be cold. Also, showers are available.

Dinner Locations

Friday, March 18: Calhoun's Rooftop

Address: 4701 Calhoun Rd #200, 77004

Directions: Calhoun's is within short walking or driving distance from the UH Rec Center. Walk or drive north on Calhoun Road and Calhoun's will be on the right.

Saturday, March 19: Treebeard's on Market Square

Address: 315 Travis St, 77002

Notes: Suggested dress is business casual.


Sunday, March 18: 1807 Maux
Address: 1807 Maux Dr, 77043
Directions: While going N Gessner, turn left onto Shadow Wood (it is easy to miss this turn, turn left at the street before the big red sign that says 'Value Village'), turn right onto Maux, 1807 is the second house on the left.


Practice Locations
Dinner Locations
Seminar & Taikai
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